Pigodivo is based on the business model concept of total ownership by a community, called a Brammunity: a brand that is fully created, consumed and owned by community. It aims to fully integrate the consumerís need, creation, ownership and the supply into one platform. In other words: this web service tries to capture, organise, align and distribute as many need and supply activities by its users as possible. 

With the current technical web developing skills it should be possible to create such a platform in practical terms, as websites with similar separate tasks, such as web shops or co-creation websites, have been developed in masses. But how should the holistic Brammunity model be built conceptually and strategic in terms of design, branding, usability, interest from consumers and businesses, communication, etc?

The idea of Pigodivo and a Brammunity was conceptualised and initiated by Twan Verdonck. During this project he has closely collaborated with international team of design and branding experts: Anubha Kakhroo (India), Carlos Benjamin Walker (U.S.A.) Erlend Bakke (Norway) and Tasuku Iwano (Japan). Several prototype websites have been developed and tested. A business plan has been written and pitched to the bank. More to come...      See the prototype in action here.