web 2.0 business models

Today’s consumers are empowered by the internet and increased connectivity. They have become more brand sceptical. They are also better able to create many products and services for themselves if they want. Some Web 2.0 and Open Source businesses have successfully managed to integrate these consumers into their business strategies and activities. They seem to be more successful and faster growing than traditional businesses.  

The "Consumer Driven Businesses" design research project was done by Twan Verdonck, for his MA study Design and Branding Strategy at Brunel University West-London. The key research question was: What are the viable business models and key strategies for the future, based on consumer integration, Web 2.0 and other Open Source approaches?

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, has awarded Twan with a scholarship (the Peter Paul Peterich Fund) to do his MA. He graduated with a distinction. His presentation video has been viewed by managers and directors from companies worldwide including NIKE, Philips, BBC and more. Twan has been invited regularly as a freelance consultant on web 2.0 and open business strategies. You can download the high resolution video here**. The full thesis** is available upon request (9 MB), send an email to: info@twanverdonck.com

** Please feel free to publish part or all of the video and thesis. As long as you properly name, credit and link to the source www.twanverdonck.com, it's okay.